Greetings from Krissy, Emil's daughter, and part of the PROUD ownership of Emil's !
We are currently putting the final touches on our new website, and we are EXCITED !
We are also glad that you took the time to stop by !

Emil's has been a FAVORITE dining and "Thirst Quenching" destination...for MANY, MANY years.
Dad is gone now ( 2009 )...but trust me....his LEGEND LIVES ON !

If you are looking for Pittsburgh's BEST FISH is HERE !

Yes....several establishments in Pittsburgh boast of having the Best Fish Sandwich.
And yes...there are some good ones out there.
But....there is NOT one that compares to Emil's !
We wouldn't say this...if we didn't HONESTLY believe it !

There is a REASON why people drive many miles to our humble establishment in order to satisfy their "MUST HAVE EMIL'S FISH" Craving !

The size of the fish, the TYPE of fish...and that AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS Secret batter, along with some other things we do...are the reason why you will INSTANTLY taste the DIFFERENCE !

Same with our Reuben Sandwich !

2nd to NONE !
PILED HIGH with SUCCULENT Corned beef and our blend of cheese and dressing.
The sandwich is actually is so big !

All of our food is carefully prepared, and home cooked TASTY !
Check back soon for more company history, photos and more !

You can click the CONTACT US page for hours and directions.
We look forward to seeing you...and we look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations !