Click on the video below to see that goes on at Emil's Lounge !

My name is Brian, and my father turned me on to Emil's a long time ago.
He would tell me about how he and his buddy's would drive to Rankin to get this incredible fish sandwich, and hang out with the owner, Emil. I had heard many stories. My father is now gone, and so is Emil, but I am SO glad I got the chance to meet him. On my 21st birthday, my Dad took me there because he knew Emil would ask me if I wanted a "shot".
 I didn't realize that he asked EVERYBODY the same question.
Being 21, I said yes, and my first "legal" shot was from this LEGEND of a guy named Emil,
and then I had a fish sandwich that blew me away !
 That was over 20 ears ago.
My wife and kids make several trips to Emil's every year,
for the fish, Reuben and other food. It's a tradition.
And we live out by Latrobe.
But...if you want the best, you'll make the drive from wherever you are !

                                                                                   Brain V. Latrobe Pa

Emil was a one of a kind. Sitting around and shooting the breeze with him is something I miss and will never forget. He was a very hard worker and dedicated guy. He always made sure that the food that came out of the kitchen, was as good as it could be. Krissy, his daughter and Bill are doing a great job, and if you want to experience part of Pittsburgh History, please take my advice and go to Emil's for lunch, dinner, a drink, or the best fish sandwich anywhere around these parts.
Email was a character, and Emil's is FULL of character.

                                                            Bill S. Swissvale